• Machine Controller Interface.

    Datalogs are equipped with a bidirectional interface to both access a machines' data and to interact with the machine controller. Communication with a machine controller is missing critical if protective measures must be taken, for example shutting down a machine to prevent damage on the equipment or work pieces.

  • Sensor Fusion.

    Each Datalog operates as a sensor hub and provides intelligent sensor fusion functionalities. Data streams from several sensors are combined for application improvement or system performance purposes.

  • Data Collection & Management.

    Designed to collect and process high frequency data streams a Datalog can buffer, preprocess, and aggregate large-scale data.

  • Cloud connected.

    A Datalog synchronizes its collected data streams with the Datatroniq Cloud for continued data processing, advanced analytics, and data storage. Datatroniq unifies data from each connected Datalog for overall visualizations and metrics.

  • Easy Installation.

    Once a new Datalog is connected to sensors and machine controllers it needs to be activated in the Datatroniq Management Console. After activation a Datalog starts collecting and processing data streams instantaneously.

  • Ingress Protection.

    All Datalogs are equipped with special mechanical casings in order to be protected against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, pressures, and water.